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Sunday School Teacher’s Leadership Packet
March 19, 2020, 2:57 PM

This packet is a checklist of things that our leadership team is asking our Sunday school teachers to do as we negotiate the situation regarding this pandemic. (Each member of a Sunday school class is encouraged to contact your teacher and see what they can do to help them as we put this plan into action.) You can use this as a weekly checklist. I (Dave) am asking each Sunday school teacher to be vigilant to complete these tasks. This will allow us to remain in contact with one another and know how to minister to each other’s needs. I also want to encourage you to contact me to let me know that you have completed the items on this list each week; please do this as a measur of accountability. Again, I believe this is vital for us staying connected as a community of believers.


1. Pray for your Sunday school class daily.


Make a list of everyone in your class and be sure to be praying for their spiritual well-being; if you have not already been doing this, then it is a great thing to start. Be praying for members physical health. Be praying for each members commitment to the Lord. Be praying for your ability to lead in this new and challenging way. Pray for your ability to disciple your class through this difficult time.


2. Once a week call each member of your Sunday school class.


Attempt to find a day that will work for you to spend about an hour calling each member of your class. If you need anyone’s phone number, please contact me(Dave). I encourage you to ask them how you can pray for them, and pray with them over the phone. The individuals in your Sunday school class should not be limited to simply regular attenders. Individuals who have attended class in the last six months would be those that you would want to be calling. This should not be too large of a list of people, so it should not take more than an hour.


3. Send out an email, a group text, or a Facebook message, sharing with the class how God is working in your life and what you are reading in your devotional life.


This is another key to keeping in contact with your class. They might not always respond, but it will mean a lot knowing that you are thinking about them. This gives you an opportunity to disclose some of your spiritual concerns, needs, and share with them how they can pray for you. This is also a great means to share a YouTube video of a sermon that has spoken to you or devotion on a website that has been helpful to you.


4. Each Sunday morning send a link to a devotion or online Bible study is available free of charge.


There are numerous resources that one can access free of charge. Challenge your class to work through the lesson you share with them. Send class members a link with some questions they can consider. Here is a list of a few places that produce exceptional material that would allow people in your class to be studying the same content and lessons you are.






For kids Sunday school classes only:



I know that every teacher is fully capable of finding other resources that are acceptable. I believe that this is a critical point for our church. While we are working from remote locations, we have the ability to connect with one another through digital means and over the phone. If you are studying the same content as those in your class, this will prove a method for you to disciple them from afar.


God has entrusted you with the class that you are teaching. This is a very serious issue. I believe that each and every one of you has the ability to lead in this manner at this time. By calling, emailing, texting, and messaging on a regular basis, you’re keeping those your class accountable and connected.


I know this is not what you originally signed up for as a Sunday school teacher, but because of the nature of the global event that we are dealing with, we have this opportunity to rise to the occasion and continue to grow spiritually.


I hope you will prayerfully consider what I’ve shared with you. If this is going to a problem for you, do not hesitate to contact me. I need each of our adult and children’s Sunday school teachers to be making the most of this opportunity.


Please feel free to give me your feedback on this. I look for to hearing from you.




03-20-2020 at 4:31 PM
Christina Green
😄Love& prayers for Church. Requesting prayer Rea: 3 Children need a place to stay in order to stay together. & not split up in separate foster homes. This will be third placement for them since tragedy hit their home . I'm not related but Know if these 3 Children. I prayed and asked God if I take them in to my home that he makes to put a provision for them also. I'm still waiting to hear from God or confirmation meanwhile I'm acting on Faith and getting my two rooms ready. If so I will need three twin size beds or one bunkbed and I can make do because I have a full size. I sleep on my sectional couch anyway. And I've got plenty of church clothes for the kids doctors appointment yesterday doctor found a lump in my breast. I feel fine and I know who my great healer is just requesting prayer and confirmation on this other matter they need to be placed by the 30 of this month because their foster home gave their two week notice. Thank you so much love and prayers for all whole congregation. Pastor Dave you're doing a wonderful job during this difficult time .
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